Spontaneous World
Follow Mark Wallace and Alexis Kathryn on their photographic journey around the world.

Matt Day's Blog
A photographer from Ohio with a predilection for film.

Cliff Mautner's Blog
According to me, the best wedding photographer in the world.

Gear Related

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Bellamy Hunt sources cameras from Japan to customers all over the world.

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Are you looking for a user manual for your old analogue camera?
-Take a look at Mike's page.

The Impossible Project
The one and only manufacturer of Instant Film for classic Polaroid cameras.


Simulate your exposure online to learn about shutter speed, aperture and ISO.

Lighting Diagram
A great way to create and share lighting diagrams online.

Golden Hour
Calculate when the golden hour occurs at your specific location.

Depth of Field Calculator
Learn all there is to know about depth of field and hyperfocal distance.

Massive Dev Chart
Lots and lots of processing times for developing b/w film.

Nikon Lens Simulator
Not sure what lens to buy? This simulator will tell you exactly what you'll get.

Nikon Shutter Count
Uploade an image and find out how many exposures your Nikon camera has taken.

Pixlr Editor
Flash based photo editing online.