So, I spent the weekend at my parents house and to pass the time I shot some instant film. To be able to compare the image quality I shot three shots of the same thing using three different films.

The top image is was shot on a Polaroid 636 CloseUp and Impossible Project Color film for 600 type cameras. Kind of dull colors and not the sharpest focus.

Polaroid Land Camera 350 with Metz 45CT-1 Flash

The second one was shot on a Polaroid Land Camera 350 shown on the right. This was my first attempt using Fujifilm FP-100C pack film. As you may notice, my first shots weren't so great. I'm pretty sure I didn't pull the image out correctly, resulting in a partially non developed image. Other times the images where severely underexposed so I ended up using a huge Metz Flash to light up my subjects. However, the four (!) successful images I got from the pack had nicely saturated colors and were exceptionally sharper than the 600 shot.

Lastly, the third image was shot on a Polaroid PIC300 using Polaroid 300 film. The colors are sort of a mix between the other two with a purple-ish tint to it. Sharpness ok but not great. On a side note, the PIC300 viewfinder takes some serious getting-used-to. I pretty much always miss my composition..

Impossible Project Color 600 Christmas shot

FP-100C Christmas shot

Polaroid 300 Christmas shot