It took forever, but now mifoto is finally back.
Lots have happend lately. Being a restless soul I've started several projects.
Among other things I've purchased a new digital work horse. Yes, it's a Canon. I figured I've been without a backup for too long so why not go for it.

My analogue collection has grown and because of that I've also built a darkroom. I was very lucky to find a fully functional enlarger at a flea market for 6€ ($7) and that's how I got started. So far I've only tried b/w 35mm film, but eventually I'll try out both colour and medium format.

Flash photography is another field that I've gotten myself into and I believe I got the hang of it. I guess it's like riding a bike. Once you figuret it out, you can just do it. Now I can't believe how I managed to shoot for 11 years without lightstands. "I'm an available light photographer". Sure thing. "I don't know how to use my flash" is probably more suitable.

In time all will be explained and demonstrated and with a bit of luck we'll get a nice discussion going in the comments. Naturally I'll show my own work and perhaps go off topic every once in a while, just for the sake of change.

Anyway - It's on!