So, last Sunday I shot a few pictures at my parents house. It was a warm and sunny day, perhaps not optimal circumstances for lugging big cameras around, but nothing can keep me from shooting.

Honestly, I messed up three exposures on this roll. One I metered incorrectly, one I accidentaly switched the camera into multi exposure mode (no, I wasn't lucky) and one I accidentaly hit the shutter button while setting up the tripod. I know. Way to go, me! The seven remaining exposures turned out nicely though.

Kodak Ektar 100 in my opinion, is a nice color negative film that has very pleasant colors. I bought several rolls last week, so count on more Ektar posts. 

The next day I also shot a roll of Tri-X. I still haven't developed it but I'm hoping for the best!

Yes, I forgot to rotate the back!