Polaroid PIC300 Front

The PIC300 may look like a toy but is in fact a serious instant camera. It features a built-in flash, 4 exposure modes, and shoots buisness card size photos. The film cartridges hold 10 pictures each and are available at Brunos Bildverkstad as well as the cameras. Unlike the older, classic cameras, the batteries aren't built into the film cartrdiges. Instead, the camera is powered by 4 AA batteries.

To start the camera you simply pull out the lens, whereupon a light flashes next to the exposure mode dial. A solid, green light signals that the camera is ready to take a picture. When I shot my first picture with my camera, I completely forgot about the darkslide. You remove it by pressing the shutter button.

In summary, the PIC300 is a fun camera to make snapshots with. I had only seen pictures of it on the web when I bought mine and thus I was very surprised by the build qulity once I got it in my hands. The joy of watching your picture develop, litterally in your hand, can't be described. It must be experienced. So get one!

Polaroid PIC300 Rear

Polaroid PIC300 Top

Polaroid PIC300 Battery Compartment